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Are you looking to meet new people, make money, and have fun at work? Bartending is one of the most fun jobs to have as a side hustle, part-time job, or full-time job! If you are looking to bartend at a local restaurant, bar, nightclub, hotel, or country club, this bartending class is the right fit. The following benefits and topics are included:

  • 45 hours of Professional Bartender Training

  • National Bartending Certification

  • Free Refresher Classes

  • Access to Alumni Networking Events in the DMW Area

  • Intermediate Spirits and Cordials Training

  • Accurate Free Pour Training

  • 100+ of the Most Popular Cocktail Recipes to take home

  • Customer Service Training

  • Beer and Wine Training

  • Resume Assistance

  • Access to Online Bartender Job Community

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